Everyone coming to live in a Community Access Network house or receive support from our Outreach team can expect:

  • To be treated with dignity and respect
  • To be listened to and recognised as a unique individual
  • To have their individual social, emotional, spiritual, cultural, political, recreational and sexual needs recognised and respected
  • To have access to their house at all times
  • To be involved in decisions about the running of the house
  • To share in the household routines
  • To take as much responsibility for their lives as they are able
  • To be involved in all decisions about them
  • To have access to anything which is written about them by staff
  • To participate in assessment and reviews of their individual circumstances
  • To take risks while being protected from exploitation, or from harming themselves or others
  • To be offered as much support as they need in a sensitive and empowering manner
  • To have access to the CAN complaints procedure

Some Client Feedback

“I like the service I get from INVOLVE. I get on well with the staff and I like how the hours to support me are at times I want them to be.”

“I am happy now I have someone to go with me to football when I want and I go to parties now. INVOLVE have helped me do the things I like to do I like the friendship. They help me with shopping and buying things I need. It is important to me that INVOLVE are there when I need them.”

“I think it’s a good a service, friendly staff, they make me laugh and I can talk to them.”

We work in a personalised way so that people have choice, control and are able to live their own lives the way they wish.